Fatou Bensouda is also a loving Parent. 

Fatou B. Bensouda, born 31 January 1961, is a Gambian lawyer, and a former government civil servant.  

She got her law degree from Nigeria

Her term as Prosecutor began in June 2012

Bensouda is married to a Gambian–Moroccan businessman and they have two children

So there you have it, Fatou,  who was born in Banjul Gambia,  is also a loving and a caring Mum.  #Philip A. Bensouda



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The Ultimate Guide to Following Your Heart

By Henri:  http://www.wakeupcloud.com/guide-to-following-your-heart/

Would you like to follow your heart, but your mind or something else is stopping you?

Does it feel uncomfortable, uncertain, and maybe even confusing to follow your heart?

What you are experiencing is very normal and very common when you are beginning to follow your heart.

It is just the sign that you are heading in the right direction, because your mind and body are making adjustments to a new way of being and living.

Your mind wants proof that heart-centered living works. The only problem is that you won’t get proof until you start to follow your heart.

It will feel awkward and weird at first, like anything new, but once you see that your heart is leading you on exactly the path you need, your mind will automatically begin to trust.

The Battle between Your Mind & Your Heart

When you’re a novice in heart-centered matters, it may feel safer to follow your mind. It just makes more sense logically, doesn’t it?

This sense of comfort is an illusion, because if you look at your past, you may begin to see that solely following your mind hasn’t helped you create the life you truly want.

This is what I discovered when I started on this path many years ago. I was miserable, pessimistic and always proud of my impeccable “logic.”

Your heart, however, is connected to something much bigger than you. You may call it spirit, the unconscious, god, higher-self, or the universe.

I don’t worry too much about what label to put on it. What I care about are the amazing results it produces in my life.

The Art of Not-Knowing

This is not to say that you have to kill your mind, because it definitely has its uses. What it does mean is that you should aim for a more balanced approach.

Let your heart and mind integrate and work as a team. When you follow your heart more, and your mind sees the results, it will naturally begin to happen.

However, you have to take that initial leap of faith to get the process going. We’ve been taught that we should know everything before we do anything.

And we spend our whole lives avoiding the unknown, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to know everything to know enough.

You only have to know your next step, and the next step can be given to you by listening to your heart.

It may come as a gentle nudge, a thought, a feeling, or even hearing a song on the radio.

How to Take Action and Acquire Proof

If you’ve been reading my articles for awhile, you already have some proof that heart-centered living works, and works really well.

You’ve probably seen others follow their hearts as well. It looks good, but you may doubt that you are able to do it.

You may even look at other people living their passion and think that you would never be able to do that. They must have some kind of magical ability, right?

They must be better than you to do that, but they aren’t. They have simply learned how to listen to their hearts and move forward.

They aren’t fearless. They simply take things one day at a time, one step at a time. They feel fear, overwhelm, and confusion, just like you.

The difference is that they have developed the trust in themselves, just like you are doing right now, to overcome fears and work with them.

The fact that you are feeling what you are feeling now is a sign that you are heading in the right direction, because “negative” feelings will always be there to greet you when you embark on a path worth traveling.

Always remember that.

How to Follow Your Heart

I can’t give you the exact steps for following your heart, because your signals will differ from mine, but what I can do is share what my experiences have been.

Most people overlook messages from their heart because they are looking in the wrong direction. If you focus on the grass on the ground, you will miss the birds flying above.

Keep your eyes open and your focus wide, because you never know where your heart will nudge you.

One of the main ways that I follow my heart is simply by getting feelings. To put this into concrete terms, someone may contact me about doing a business partnership.

What I’ll do is stay open and see how things feel. Most of the time it won’t feel right, or something will feel off, so I either say no, or decide to wait.

Sometimes I’ll feel uncertain. In that case, I may explore the opportunity a bit further and see how things go and how they feel.

Now, I’ll also use my mind to assess things, such as if I have time, if I want to do this, and so on. There’s never any rush to jump into an opportunity, even if it may seem like it.

There will always be enough opportunities. Saying no doesn’t mean missing out, because there will be another train coming along.

Being Right is Not the Goal

At least I’m not.

I do my best to trust my heart, but sometimes the feelings and nudges I get aren’t authentic.

By that I mean that I can misinterpret what they are all about. Sometimes the messages from my heart can be clouded by the emotions I feel inside.

And I’m okay with that. I know that I won’t get it right all the time, and this small amount of uncertainty adds a bit of spice to my life.

Sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it isn’t. It’s all a part of the game we call life.

The more you follow your heart, the better you get at it. It’s like with anything else; it’s not about being perfect, it’s about learning and trusting the process.

That’s the way I see it.

You won’t always be right, but you will always be heading in the right direction, even when you feel like you’re not.

Your Life is Changing

The fact that you’re reading this means that something inside of you is looking for a change, or you may already be changing.

This happened to me in my late teens. I knew that I wasn’t heading in the right direction. Something had to change, and it did.

It didn’t happen overnight, but as I’ve kept putting one foot in front of the other, I saw phenomenal change taking place, and I discovered what passionate living is all about.

And while you may feel confused from time to time, know that it’s just a sign that you are growing and evolving in the best way for you.

There’s a reason why you’ve read this article. Something resonates with you, and you may not even know what it is, and that’s okay.

You see, change almost never happens consciously.

While we want to force things in a certain direction, change happens on the unconscious level, and often happens without you even noticing.

That’s why when you’re following your heart and going with the flow, life will begin to seem easier and more colourful.

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Here are the seven key steps to living a beautiful life

The seven Key steps to living a beautiful life

1. Know yourself. Listen to your self.
2. Define what beautiful life means to you
3. Start working towards living a beautiful life
4. Appreciate where you are in the process
5. Adjust your expectations
6. Count your blessing and be thankful for what you have
7. Live your beautiful life

There you go, now go out there and be happy. You only live once.


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Friendship in Silence.

Sometimes being a good friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. To allow your friends to be their own self and explore the world. The best you can do at this time is to wish them the best of luck and hope that they will find all that happiness that they are looking for. Then another time will come. A time to prepare to pick up the pieces when its all over. 

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Maroon 5-One More Night.

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Sitolia-Willy Paul and Gloria

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Ali Kiba-So Far Away

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